Small Professor – Mistress Jawns

In another chapter of his Jawns series, Philly’s own Small Profesor aka Small Pro drops a mix of “on the side” beats in between different projects. Minor or major, we will take these beats. As you have heard previously on here with Elderly Jawns (I suggest you get it if you don’t have it), this brother all the way from Phil-lay knows how to make quality beats. Here’s what he had to say about the project:

“Third installment of the ’11 “Jawn” saga! The title “Mistress Jawns” is a reference to the fact that these beats here were joints i did on the side (get it????…), independent of any actual album or project until now…they’re all pretty much personal challenges in the form of previously heard sample refreaks and flips of suggestions by my homies. hope you dig!” – Small Pro

Mistress Jawns Track List

1.) waiting for you (don’s jawn)
2.) whisper (8-off’s jawn)
3.) inside her luv (megatron beon’s jawn)
4.) small pro is so short….(the jawn icon was sposed to be on that he never sent me his verse for but it’s all good)
5.) don’t give up (von’s jawn)
6.) jumpshots in the dark (p. diddly’s jawn)
7.) uncle luc (dame’s jawn)
8.) broke thru (paten’s jawn)
9.) RIPJB2 (has’s ex jawn)
10.) flippin skyscrapers (aeon’s jawn)
11.) carmelo on milsap (arcka’s jawn)
12.) paid my taxes (doug’s jawn)

Go Get Mistress Jawns.

Here’s another great example of beat making, and a guy doing his own thing, and doing it well. You will definitely hear more from SP in the future. Keep Diggin’!

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