Mingus on Mingus: The Movie

Kevin Ellington Mingus is the grandson of Charles Mingus. Growing up estranged from his father’s family, Mingus On Mingus tells the tale of a grandson trying to get to know his famous grandfather through the people Mingus surrounded him throughout his career. Growing up in a diverse background with no knowledge of who his grandfather was, until by chance as a teen while playing the same bass his grandfather did, he found out that one of the greatest and creative Jazz minds was his own flesh and blood. KEM, the son of Mingus’ second son, raised by a Jewish mother with little or no contact with his father, explores many issues surrounding his grandfather. From race to a struggle with identity, KEM’s unique perspective looks at Mingus not just as a Jazz genius and musician, but as a family member as well.

“There are many perspectives of my grandfather that have not had a place in defining his legacy… I am seeking them out to understand him beyond myth, fable or a singular vision of his work.- Kevin Ellington Mingus, Director ”

KEM has used the remaining people, Jazz musicians and people that were close to the Underdog to paint a picture and tell the tale of a grandfather he didn’t know, and to show what more there was to “tyhe angriest man in Jazz”. Mingus’ creative freedoms showcased his complex personality through music, and it’s KEM’s mission to get to know more about the man he never knew at all. All in all, a different approach to film making, IMHO a great way to shed more light on the personality and genius mind of Charles Mingus. KEM is trying to raise $45,000 to see this project come to light through Kickstarter.

You can also check out more on their website Orange Then Blue. If you’re a Mingus fan, a Jazz fan, or just want to be a part of history, here’s a chance for you to help this unique story come to light.


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