Cuttin’ It Up In the Kitchen: FMF x Bacon Raps

My man DJ Recon aka Roger Quinn, Brooklyn ex-pat, new father, and digital remaster king has a new site. It’s called Bacon Raps, and it combines his love for Hip Hop and Food. I was honored he asked me to submit a recipe. I took one of the oldest recipes I know, my mom’s french toast, and put my own spin on it. It’s not hard to do, there is no blanching, infusing, or Sous-vide involved (I’ll save that for another recipe), but it has been filling stomachs for quite a while. Go on over to Bacon Raps and check out Ma Duke’s French Toast from yours truly. Shout out to Recon and looking forward to making and submitting some of these recipes in the future. Keep Cuttin’, I mean Diggin’!

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