FMF x COS Contest Winner

I’m happy to announce our winner for the Flea Market Funk x Cultures of Soul contest. It was none other than David Lerner from Columbia, MD, who correctly identified Brother Jack McDuff “Oblighetto” as the first 45 I ever reviewed. Some were close and said Dennis Coffey “Scorpio”, but indeed the good Brother Jack was my first 45 I put up over 4 years ago. How much we have changed here at FMF, but I still remain dedicated to keep this music alive. In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to do another first, have a pledge drive here at FMF, (with some goodies to give away as well) so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

I wanted to shout out Jeff from Cultures of Soul for providing me with the give always, and of course to you, the reader for taking an interest in FMF. You guys keep me going every day and drive me to keep diggin’ deep. Cheers-

Keep Diggin’!

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