What Grinds Skeme Richards’ Gears

Now we all know that Skeme Richards aka The Nostalgia King aka Mr. Hot Peas & Butta, aka one of the realest mufuckas around, has been preserving Hip Hop and B-Boy Culture since Day 1. The DJ/Historian of “the way we live” and the way it should be done was caught on camera talking about what grinds his gears. While many of you new jacks may not agree with Skeme, this short clip is a lesson from an originator, an innovator, and a preserver of the culture. Remember when KRS-1 went on a tangent with “I Was There”, Skeme can honestly say he was there. Representing Philly lovely, and really repping all DJs and B-Boys world wide, y’all young bucks should take heed. And where were you?

2 responses to “What Grinds Skeme Richards’ Gears

  1. hahah that was great. skeme’s been a major influence on how I approach the bboy/DJ world and he’s been very supportive of me, even though I’m only 23 years old. I think because I don’t claim to know what’s “real” but instead am trying to learn as much as I can from him and others.

    What I do is (1) create my own style while giving respect/homage to those who were there before me and (2) DANCE WITH MY LADY! (something no one has to tell me to do.)

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