Big Ups with DJ Un-G

As I close out 2011 with the last Big Ups of the year, I saved a special one for you. DJ Un-G, my DJ potna’ since the late 90’s, has been one of the biggest influences on me as a DJ. As a DJ duo we taught each other about different music, but simultaneously made each other better. Un-G , a talented musician and turntablist showed me the finer side of mixing, and talked me into using Serato as a professional DJ when I wanted to stay carrying tons of record boxes every week. This didn’t stop me at digging for vinyl, don’t get it twisted, but rather Gary showed me how to mature as a DJ. We have played countless parties and nights, opened for our heroes (Bad Brains), rocked unrehearsed 4 turntable parties where people gave up the dance floor to climb on bars and tables to shake it, ducked bottles, glass ash trays, and whatever else was hurled our direction in a basement bar in the LES, and spent countless hours mixing different genres and holding it down while mean mugging thugs stood an inch away from our turntables while we were doing our thing. He’s an accomplished MC, musician (drummer, guitar, ukelele), producer, film and graphics whiz. A member of the 10+ year old band/crew known as P.I.C., he now holds it down in Los Angeles, CA, rocking the 1’s and 2’s weekly on the Left Coast. I am proud to call him my homie.

Check Out P.I.C. here.

Hear some mixes, blends, and more on Un-G’s My Space page.

Keep Diggin’!

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