Yasiin Bey’s Fellowship Mission

When musicians aren’t making music, what are they doing? Some, like raptor (that’s rapper x actor), Yasiin Bey, the artist formally known as Mos Def, act and decide to move into fashion. There’s a long list of Hip Hop artists who have tried their hand in the fashion game. I’m not just talking endorsements either like the Run DMC Adidas. Mainstream artists like Andre 3000, Snoop, Eminem, and Kanye have tried their hands in the fashion game and failed miserably. Guys like Jay Z got out while he could, and up until now, Wu Wear was all but over, but has had a resurgence through collaborations with brands like Rocksmith. We all know that Yasiin Bey is a stylish guy. The last time I saw him outside one of my DJ nights last year in the LES, my man was rocking a summer suit, straw hat, Gucci shoes and a Louis briefcase. Stylish indeed. As a matter of fact, out of the gang of artists who were present that night: Kanye, John Legend, Jermaine Dupree, and Mos Def(he was Mos Def then), Yasiin definitely was the standout. So it’s only natural that he is diversifying (I’m sure with that Hollywood money) and starting a design collaborative with some friends called Fellowship Mission. With no clear goals, he’s aligned himself with fashion luminary Chris Gibbs of Union among others and released the video below of an inspirational trip to Paris.

FELLOWSHIP MISSION from weareblindtv on Vimeo.

Word has it that his first release will be a fragrance called Harun No. 7, and had this to say about it:

“The oils are bottled in Brooklyn, NY the cultural epicenter of America’s greatest city and contain Imported Attar from the Kamauj Uttar Padesh region of India. Harun -no. 7- is 100% natural and is free of alcohol and chemicals. In the tradition of the original oils (attar) Harun -No.7- can be used a a fragrance for the body. or burned in the home.”

Photo via HighSnobiety

With the latest Black Star record dropped, it’s good to see an artist like Bey using his vision as a cultural icon to do something even more creative than the music. We’ll keep you posted on this one. Until then, check out the Black Star Track “You Already Knew” produced by OhNo from the upcoming Aretha Franklin tribute album.

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