Night Moves, A Mix from DJ Wax On

If you’re looking for a mix that slowly winds you through the city, DJ Wax On’s Night Moves is the mix for you. Here’s what Adam had to say about it:

The concept of this mix is almost as my idea of a soundtrack to a night drive through Manhattan in the early 80’s

Night Moves Track List

01. Rosebud – Sadao Watanabe
02. A Softer Heart – Ronnie Foster
03. The Cycles Of Time – Wilton Felder
04. Her Silent Smile – Tom Browne
05. Water Fall – Jeff Lorber
06. Speak Low – Deodato
07. Cascade – Spyro Gyra
08. Appolonia – Tom Scott
09. Heartbeats – Hubert Laws
10. Friends & Strangers – Ronnie Laws
11. Sweet Honey Wine – Lonnie Smith
12. Rag Bag – Dave Grusin
13. That Healin’ Feelin – Bob James
14. Sunshine In Your Eyes – The Crusaders
15. Touchdown – Bob James
16. Lovin’ You – Spyro Gyra

Always excited to get a new mix over here at FMF, a mix of 70’s and 80’s Jazz is great not just on a Sunday morning, but any time. Enjoy this slice of buttery smooth Jazz and Jazz fusion that features Tom Scott, The Crusaders and Dave Grusin and many more.

Keep Diggin’!

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