The Brothership: Led Zep Meets the Boom Bap

We all know there is good sampling and bad sampling. Sometimes there is a gross misuse of said sample, and well, let’s face it: it doesn’t work brother. However, this is completely not the case with The Brothership by Kaimbr. We’ve had the Beatles forever linked with Jay Z by Danger Mouse and The Grey Album. We’ve seen great use of Rock samples from everyone to The Beastie Boys (Led Zep, Beatles, and way too many to mention) to Run DMC (Aerosmith)to BDP (Ac/DC) and more recently on with Jay Z/ Kanye (sampling Spookytooth of all bands). One of my favorite Rock samples is Cunninlynguists using Jethro Tull in “The South”, although Z-Trip was able to sample the Tull as well in a tasteful way for sure. I have definitely profiled sampling concept mixes: Ghostface with African drums from Max Tannone, De La Soul with Soviet Smooth Jazz aka De La Soviet, and now, a first: an all Led Zeppelin beat tape by Kaimbr.

Kaimbr aka Al Green aka The Grand Marnier King aka Parkranger aka The Green Eyed Cosby Kid has put out a belter of a beat tape under the radar. Here’s what the artist had to say about the project:

“……Celebrating 40 years since the Release of Led Zeppelin’s “Mothership” album. Reworked in a Rock meets Hip Hop, Kaimbr brings insane chops with heavy drums. Ideas inspired by, Kris Ramson. Kris provided vocal co production on *Katrina* and *Brothership*…..”

News clips, vocal snippets and classic guitar riffs are chopped to the maximum, then reworked lovely as Led Zeppelin get a fresh Hip Hop sound for the present day. To be fair, it seems Kaimbr got the first Led Zep record confused with the remastered comp from the 2000’s, but I won’t hold it against him. The sampling was top notch. In fact, I wish someone like Robert Plant or Jimmy Page, would have experimented a bit with some Hip Hop guys the way JPJ did with ?uestlove of the Roots in the video below. This beat tape is hot, and John Bonham would have totally approved with his big bass drum.

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Free download (while it lasts) here.

Funky JPJ jams with Questo and Ben Harper

Keep Diggin’!

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5 responses to “The Brothership: Led Zep Meets the Boom Bap

  1. I found it hard to listen to drums over Led Zep classics. I also found it choppy and disliked the fact that some Led Zep tracks were sped up. I’m no purist by any means, but I think that those songs by Led Zep are so ingrained in our collective psyche that it’s a shock when they are tampered with. I would just rather listen to a rap track that sampled Led Zep. It gives the rap artist more freedom and also gives honor to the original artist, like Cunninlynguists using Jethro Tull in “The South” and Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz using Steely Dan in “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby).

  2. i can not say i disagree either. on the whole, i liked the short, Dilla (and i only say it bc the time of the songs) like beats as a concept record. i would also like to hear somebody sample Led Zep besides the Beasties, and do it well. thanks so much for giving your perspective Duke. cheers!

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