Gil Scott, Stevie and MLK

Check out the Guardian article with excerpts from Gil Scott-Heron’s memoirs that tell the story of Stevie Wonder, the Hotter Than July Tour in 1981, and the fight to get Martin Luther King recognized with a national holiday. Not only is this an incredible story, but a first hand account from Gil Scott, who was a supporting artist on part of the tour that year. As controversial as he was talented, this is a remarkable piece of writing, as well as a huge nod of respect to Stevie Wonder. If you were just a so so fan of Stevie’s before (and you should really get into him more, just sayin’), than after you read this, tell me you don’t have more respect for the man. I know I do. The impact of that the man Martin Luther King, Jr. had on this world speaks in volumes, and it makes me happy that a man like Stevie Wonder could recognize that as well and bring this holiday to fruition.

Hear an excerpt of Gil Scott-Heron in regards to Stevie, MLK, and more. Courtesy of 38th Notes

Stevie Wonder BBC Documentary Hotter Than July

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