Step Up Your DJ Bag Game

When the dude says “Get on my level”, the dude is not joking. If he’s not opening for Lady Gaga, playing gigs in Dubai, or dropping knowledge over at CosmoBaker dot com, Cosmo Baker is traveling all over the world DJing. When you travel, you need a great bag. There was a shout out to Tucker and Bloom by Cosmo a while back, and now they have introduced the Cosmo Baker Signature North to South messenger bag.

“Being on the road over 150 days per year, I need a bag that is all business. Functionality is key but that doesn’t mean that one should sacrifice style. Together with Tucker & Bloom, we’ve created this DJ bag that not only works perfectly with my lifestyle. I’ll throw my laptop in, some vinyl and my DJ gear, a book, a change of clothes and toiletries, and I’m out the door. This bag works perfectly as to how I need it to, and keeps me looking fresh while I’m on the go ” – Cosmo Baker

Made out of Shell material 1680 denier black ballistic nylon with an interior lining 4 ply beige Taslan nylon, it’s built to take the tough knocks your bag takes when getting in and out of planes, trains, taxis and the like. With polished aluminum front side release buckles with a laser engraved logo on surface, leather trimmed in vegetable tanned leather, and double ring sliders made of brass casting with nickel plating, you will be on another bag level. It’s about time someone stepped up to the plate and made a decent travel DJ bag. Well played. Get your pre-orders in now.

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Tucker & Bloom Cosmo Baker Documentary

Big Ups with Cosmo Baker from 2011

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