Funky Bijou – Funky Bijou Anthem

Funky Bijou – Funky Bijou Anthem, the video

Straight out of Rennes, France comes Stereophonk Records. Headed up by DJ Deheb and DJ Marrrtin, this French label is releasing some scorching Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop 45s. Funky Bijou’s “Funky Bijou Anthem” is their first, with a run of 800 which sold out immediately. I can completely understand why. A perfect B-Boy anthem: a sad guitar loop, some tabla and Indian percussion, funky flute, plus some drums of death which make this rocker complete that keeps all the dancers uprocking all night long. These guys have a facebook page where you can check out more videos and information on the Stereophonk posse. This particular track has been adopted as a B-Boy anthem, recently played at the Redbull BC One in Moscow in 2011:

It’s a scorcher, reminiscent of “The Baden Persuader” from Starla Records and one of my favorite sitar break records, “Mather” by the Dave Pike Set. They’ve also got some pretty great remixes too, a funk filled remix of “Ooh Baby” from Smokey Robinson , and Patti Drew’s “Tell Him” (for the romantic B-Boy in you!). The promo videos they have created for each track are a great collage and just like putting sliced truffles under the skin of game fowl, it’s a nice pairing to say the least. They’re tagline at Stereophonk is: French Groove Recordings, and they more than live up to their name. Keep an eye and ear out from this crew, as they will stay on your radar after you hear some of these sides and remixes.

Funky Bijou – Funky Bijou Anthem

Stereophonk on Soundcloud

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