Grab This DJ Andy Smith Exclusive Mix!

I am starting up the Guest Mix Series again over here at FMF. Last time I had a great bunch of mixes from everyone from Funky 16 Corners to the artist COOP to Jason Perlmutter to Supreme La Rock and more. This time I’ve reached out to some different DJs to put together a mix of whatever they like, not necessarily Funk and Soul. I’m doing this for two reasons: one, I want to have some Big Ups people give you some great mixes, and two, I wanted to start a sort of pledge drive here at FMF. I do not make money on FMF, everything is out of pocket and done for the love of the music. However, as my server costs are rising, it’s getting more expensive on the monthly. I’m asking you, the FMF readers, the faithful who have been here since the beginning, to donate.

You can donate by clicking this link and following the instructions on the page. Any little bit helps. Thank you for your continued support on FMF!

That being said, the first mix is from my man DJ Andy Smith out of London. Known for his genre smashing classic Document mix series as well as label specific vault digging mixes (Greensleeves, Trojan) and let’s not forget his Jam Up Twist party that plays all over the UK, Andy took some time to make a mix that will be up on FMF for a month exclusively before going public. It changes styles like Son of Bazerk, it’s fresh, and I’m hoping you are going to dig it as much as I did. More Guest Mixes to come. Stay tuned.

DJ Andy Smith Many Styles Mix

1) Let’s Rock – Feel (Vista Sounds)
2) Dyin’ To Be Dancin – Empress (Prelude)
3) Chill Out – Free expression (Vanguard)
4) The Art Of Drums – Macattack (Baad!)
5) Brooklyns In The House – Cut Master D.C (Be Bop & Fresh)
6) One For The Treble (Fresh) – Davy DMX (CBS/Tuff City)
7) The Party Scene – The Russell Brothers (Portrait)
8) Oily – Juggy (Sue)
9) Tutti Fruiti – Lee Austin (Polydor)
10) Egg Roll – (Unknown artist) – (Funk 45)
11) Move To Something Funky – BLVD Mosse (Scorpio)
12) Paper Chase – Krown Rulers (Soo Deff/Warlock)
13) I Aint Wid Dat (Inst) – Funk Master Wizzard Wiz (Tuff City)
14) Soupy – Maggie Threat (Dyno Voice)
15) Hard To Road To Hoe – Otis Lee (Soul Magic)
16) You Got To Have Money – The Exits (Gemini)
17) I Got A Woman – Ray Charles (Atlantic)
18) You Had A Woman – Geneva Vallier(Cash)
19) Love Bandit – The Cadets (Modern)
20) Bloodshot Eyes – Wynonie Harris (King)
21) Soon You’ll Be Gone – The Blues Busters (BRA)

Download or Listen To DJ Andy Smith Many Styles Mix from the FMF Guest Series

Keep Diggin’!

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