Kat Records: Neil Diablo Edits

There is so much music out there these days, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. I’ve got my head so far into the Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and Hip Hop that I like to peek my head outside the genre and see what else is poppin’. Don’t get it twisted, I’m open minded and maybe I’m blasting some Bad Brains while I’m writing just as easy as turning up the volume on some Art Pepper. So when I get a message from the good people over at Kat Records touting the upcoming Neil Diablo Edits on the label, my ears perk up. For those not in the know, Neil Scott aka Neil Diablo runs the famous El Diablo Social Club in Manchester, is one of the city’s top DJs (and now remixer). His DJ night has been a staple in Manchester nightlife and if it’s dancing you want to do, El Diablo Social Club plays the stuff that moves your feet: Italo, Cosmic, House, and the like. Who doesn’t enjoy an evening at a social? Neil has released some edits via Kat, and I believe you will find these interpretations quite tasty. “For Your Love” by Fat Gaines Band ft. Zorina, “Behind Bars” by Christina Debs, and two others: “Cannae Believe” and “Disco Special” get the Diablo touch. These tracks are not for head nodders people, get up out of your seat poindexter and dance. “Cannae Believe” has got the ill synth stabs while “Disco” is a slow burner that builds with some damn Soul Claps. “For Your Love” is some 80’s Soul with a bass line that will make your neck snap, a great horn section, and deep, soulful vocals, while “Bars” (produced originally by Don Was) slowly churns as Diablo’s re-lick of this Nu-Wave Disco gem transports you to the LES via Detroit circa ’84. This is definitely an end of the night joint if I ever heard one. Kat are always pushing the envelope of different genres of music. Whether it be Soul, Funk, Psych or Disco tracks, these guys have a stable of producers and remixers who get the job done proper. Look for these re-edits at better record shops in your area, or contact them here.

Neil Diablo Edit – For Your Love (KAT013) Full

Samples Off of the Upcoming 12″

Keep Diggin’!

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