Barry White – Stick Up

If any of you are into the Blaxploitation genre of movies, and would like to get a little deeper into the movies, music, etc., a good reference guide is a book put out a few years ago by Josiah Howard called Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide. Here you will find every movie in the genre, including this movie, Together Brothers. Together Brothers follows five youths who witness the murder of a benevolent policeman named Mr. Kool and what they do to find the killer. Not the greatest in the genre, but called “hearfelt” in it’s review by the New York Times when it was released, more can be said about the soundtrack to the film. Barry White and Love Unlimited do a bang up job of putting together 21 tracks, vocal and instrumental, to guide you through the 95 minute movie.

“Stick Up”, one of the shorter tunes on the soundtrack, starts out with a decent drum break, some funky flute, and delayed guitar. By the time the horns jump in and the flute and bass pair up with them, you’re grooving. Barry and company have taken you on a short but funky ride. An interlude, if you will, and one you most certainly will enjoy. This soundtrack has been sampled by a few artists, most notably Preemo who flipped “Do Drop In” for Jeru’s “Too Perverted” from Wrath of the Math in ’96. It’s also been used for OC, as well as a cheese booty anthem from Quad City DJs. Does this soundtrack stack up to things like Shaft, Superfly, Trouble Man, and the like? It’s not 100% flaw proof, but for under a buck, I will take what it’s giving. The movie is not too bad either. Check out the full length movie here.

Listen to or Download Barry White – Stick Up from the Together Brothers OST

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  1. Another great post Prestige. It’s a pity that Hulu site is only for the U.S. Anybody out there got a workaround for that? The same way non-UK can see BBC iPlayer?

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