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So you and your digging buddies decide to take a road trip to find records. You’re gonna start in the east and maybe you’ve decided to go to DC and hit up Crooked Beat Records, then jump on the interstate and hit up Richmond’s famous Plan 9’s dollar bins. How are you going to do it? Back in the day, you either wrote the directions and info down in a little record notebook, or you went right to the yellow pages at the hotel when you got there. If you were lucky, the older, wiser diggers didn’t get to all the phone books and rip the pages out. If they did, you were out of luck. My favorite trick was to get the handlers to take me to as many record spots as they could before I had to get back to sound check. I didn’t care where I was: Kentucky, Quebec, Arizona, or California, I asked where the digging spots were. I wish there was something like this back then. As the internet gained more popularity, there was a data base site that logged all the records stores around the world (through user submissions), which gave details on directions, store content, and the like, similar to this site. If you didn’t have a laptop or internet access though, you were shit outta luck as they say. Now, in the mobile smart phone revolution, it makes sense that this app has come to your iphone or Android device. Enabled by GPS, as soon as you turn it on, all the record stores near you are listed, as well as a map and directions. It has a foursquare type check in system allows you to share your vinyl experience with other wax heads. Last but not least, there is a link to the Vinyl District Blog to keep up with all their happenings. Bonus. What are you waiting for? Go get this FREE app now. I got mine.

Get the app for Iphone

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Keep Diggin’!

6 responses to “Record Store Locator On the Go

  1. Thanks! Just so you know, we recently updated it so you can still use the geo-location search, however you can also search via keyword which helps when planning ahead – search by city, zipcode, whatever. Also we added the record fair calendar a few weeks ago. Thanks again Prestige! Appreciate the support!

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