Action Bronson and Party Supplies: Blue Chips Mixtape

Peter Luger Jr., Bam Bam Bronson, Bronsolino, or Action Bronson if you will, is back in the building. I called this guy as the next big thing (no Pun intended) when he dropped the Dr. Lecter record, and here he is right in our faces, a Hip Hop superhero back to rescue the game from bad music. The busiest guy in Hip Hop with more collabos than the Wu Tang extended family, Bronson hooks up this time with fellow Queens freak producer Party Supplies (Fool’s Gold) to drop this free mix tape. As a tease, Reebok and Complex had leaked a live video of the two performing “Steve Wynn”, complete with Party Supplies working a loop of Cyril Neville’s “Hercules” on his MPC live while Bronson ripped the verses. This peaked my interest. Bronson has been working with a variety of producers (Tommy Mas, Boston’s Statik Selektah, and now Party Supplies) for a plethora of flows over each producer’s signature beats. The big push for this mix was a video for “Hookers At the Point”, which visually was cool, but felt like it didn’t do Bronson justice. Bam Bam raps jokingly with a Necro meets Too $hort flow, weaving a pimp and ho’ tale that, to me, isn’t necessary. Bronson is already a pimp, and the pimp bullshit, just like the rape rap is beneath the guy IMHO. He’s talented. I mean talented, and I am always hoping he just sticks to the sweet weed, sex, and gourmet food flow, which he does incredibly well. Don’t get it twisted, I ride hard for Bronson. I just always feel like he’s the dude that you wouldn’t expect to pinch a nun’s ass in church, but after he does you wince and say “Damn dog.” The production is on point, as Supplies interprets samples from the aforementioned Neville, some Bollywood joints, what sounds like The Ozark Mountain Daredevils “Jackie Blue”, The Flamingos, and some rock breaks for starters. He keeps it tight throughout. Guest MC’s Kool AD, Das Racist, Roc Marciano and Bronson cohort Meyhem Lauren are the sous chef’s in Bronson’s kitchen. They cook up some marvelous shit and add some flavor to Bronson’s seasoned rhymes. This mixtape is not with out some massive name checking. First of all, let’s start off with the title Blue Chips, the ’94 flick with Shaq, Nolte, and Ed O’Neill. Vocal sampled throughout, you have to be a sports nut to go this deep. Name checking people like Ben Johnson, Harold Miner, Paul Orndorff aka Mr. Wonderful, The Boz, Patrick Swayze, Van Damme, Charles Oakley, Itchy and Scratchy, Ken Caminiti, Lola Falana, George Whipple, Ted Danson, Olden Polynice, among others, Bronson raps the throwback. AB flow is tight, and let him educate these kids who don’t know the difference between Harold Miner and Harold Melvin. Sit back, you might just learn something son. The good thing is that Bronson knows what he wants: gourmet food, weed, and pussy (in no particular order), and has no problem articulating it lovely over these beats from Party Supplies. The Dust La Rock cover art gets extra points.

Action Bronson and Party Supplies: Blue Chips Mixtape

I’d like to think Bronsolino is living by this Blue Chips quote:

“You can get through college half-assed. Richard, you can get through LIFE half-assed. But I’ll guarantee you boys one thing: sure as hell, I’ll guarantee you this: you cannot win half-assed!”

Queens is not winning half-assed.

Keep Diggin’!

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