Lee Fields In My Dining Room

Photo by Will Abramson/ Free People

“Take my hat, my shoes, my girl, I still got it” Lee Fields sings on the song of the same name from his 2012 Faithful Man LP. In his four decades plus of a singing career, Fields has given up and lost a lot, but this time, he’s come out on top. He still has it. In fact, the man never lost it baby. I got an email from the good people over at Yours Truly, who shared this special Lee Fields performance captured on video from Austin, Texas. The story goes like this from Will Abramson:

“Yours Truly rented a house out in Austin, TX on the outskirts of town. Lee came over at 10am sharp. I cooked him breakfast: fresh eggs, bacon, and avocado (we had fresh eggs from the chicken coop in the back), and then he just launched into “Faithful Man”. I thought the whole house was gonna cave in man. It was insane. I had goosebumps, not figurative, actual.”

If we all could cook breakfast for Lee Fields and then have him sing right in our dining room. Sounds like a lucky day in Austin, Texas.

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