FMF x Listen Clothing: 45 The Way We Live Shirt

Eilon Paz from Dust & Grooves repping Flea Market Funk!

It’s finally here! The first Flea Market Funk tee designed by yours truly. This tee is a limited edition collaboration with FMF and Listen Clothing. Printed on a lightweight, black Jerzee tee, the shirt features an exclusive print by Jamison Harvey. This print is a nod to typography as well as the bands who put out some great music in this world of Funk and Soul on 45. From the Godfather JB to the Trinikas to Lee Moses to Calvin Arnold to Willie Tee and all in between, you can represent FMF. The back features the FMF and Listen logos as well as our slogan: “The Way We Live”.

At the moment, I’m just shipping to the United States. If you’d like to have a shirt shipped internationally, e mail me, but you’re going to have to pay the postage. I want to be able to accommodate everyone, but international postage charges are high. If you really want one, we will sort it out. Thanks for being patient. Now what are you waiting for? Go get one here!

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “FMF x Listen Clothing: 45 The Way We Live Shirt

  1. Hi, can you ship one to me in the UK please…happy to pay the extra postage. Cheers John

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