The Abstract Meets Soviet Jazz: Q-Tipokratiya

You know we had to do a remix right? From the mind that brought you the brothers from the east with the beats that be thorough over Soviet Jazz, De La Soviet, TenDJiz comes back this year with Q-Tipokratiya. Each Q-Tip acapella is paired with some more smoothed out Soviet Jazz to inject a new life (out of respect) into these classic Q-Tip solo efforts, and a a few ATCQ sides as well. While the whole project is definitely some cool ish, the stand out remixes are “Ill Vibe” plus the title track from Rumble in the Jungle soundtrack (where Lauryn Hill sounds even more hoarse but still good), and a sweet little re-edit of “Galvanize”. I really enjoy these kinds of pairings, especially when the drum samples are done cleverly, and I mean who is even sampling this obscure Russian Jazz?

The title of the album is a portmanteau of the name Q-Tip and the Greek word “Kratia” (“Power”), and I’d have to say, these remixes are definitely powerful. Heralded by the LA Times, the Miami Times and many other major media outlets for his previous effort, TenDJiz is on to something again. Check out the sampler video below over some classic Russian cinema.

Q-Tipokratiya Album Sampler

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