Update: Mystery of the Mardi Gras Bells Solved

Photo Courtesy of Supreme La Rock

Ok people, the truth and long running debate over the Bob James “Take Me To the Mardi Gras” with no bells has been verified. Thanks to supper Digger/ International Man of Leisure and Chief Party Rocker Supreme La Rock, who showed up with said record and briefcase. It was all cosigned by Bob James. Here’s the pic, the record in question, as well as the infamous CTI briefcase said record came in. Boo-Yah!

The Holy Grail has been verified. The cast has been set, and the mystery solved. Thanks to ‘Preme and Bob James for putting this to rest! I guess all the naysayers owe Biz Markie a big fat apology! Feel free to weigh in about whether you’re happy the controversy is over. I’m on the fence about it. I kind of liked the chase for everyone’s white whale.

Mystery Solved!

****A short while after I posted this the video was taken down and a shitstorm took over the internet via Soul Strut and various forums….


Keep Diggin’!

11 responses to “Update: Mystery of the Mardi Gras Bells Solved

  1. apparently the 12″ version is stereo, with the drum track on one and the bells on the other side… don’t know if it’s true, but why isn’t he playing the whole track on the video?

  2. I’m definitely sad that the debate is over. As a collector I love being doubted and knowing that you have something that no one else has. That’s what makes Biz such a genius and madman because he loved to play with people and didn’t need or care to show you what he has because it’s funny to see people chasing their tales.

  3. Funny thing about it is that on the album, the bells are partially panned already. I think they’re slighlty panned to the left if i’m not mistaken. I got my Paul C on with those drums and with a sample over the drums you can’t even hear the bells. I’d like to hear this 12 inch, though.

  4. to quote dj sheep,

    “Props to my man, Mr. Krum for making this great little picture that’s been doing the rounds for a while now. I’ll post a higher resolution on for you all later, then you can print it out, paste it on the “Alpha Omega” Bob James Mardi Gras / Nautilus 12″, and you too can be a diggin’ hero … oh, Mr. Krum told me that he made up the catalog number off the top of his dome, which is the same one that’s on the YouTube video, pretty funny to get caught out in the act (hence the video being removed from YouTube, probably until Preme re-photoshop’s the catalog number). Nice try in gettin’ some free records from me Preme, but kinda pretty obvious with this one. Nice attempt tho! I still got the auction saved for the CTI case on eBay too. For those who want the sound file without the bells that my man BAPT made up, here is is… http://www.djsheep.com/mardigras.mp3 – ENJOY! ” soulstrut.

    update the blog man, it’s a fake.

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  6. So you’re saying the video was removed because Supreme was fakin’ it and got caught being a phony digger??? OH SNAPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the warning.

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