A Photo Exhibition About Vinyl Record Collectors

For those of you who haven’t put two and two together, I have been working along side my man Eilon of Dust & Grooves for a minute. It is an honor to help him out with the project. His hard work and labor of love have made the Dust & Grooves site the only site of its kind. A site where various vinyl record collectors from all over the world are documented in their own record rooms. This popular blog has evolved into a popular site. Complete with its own exclusive, all vinyl mix page (powered by mixcloud) put together by the subjects Eilon photographs, Dust & Grooves is quickly becoming the go to site for vinyl record photography. it’s a place where you can get a peek into other collector’s personal space, as well as a taste of what kind of records they collect.

On Friday July 6th, Dust & Grooves comes to life off of the internet. Dust & Grooves: A Photo Exhibition About Vinyl Record Collectors is a one night event that showcases 35 photos taken by Eilon Paz of various vinyl collectors taken across the world. The venue for this great celebration is where Dust & Grooves started: Tropicalia In Furs, the funkiest record store in NYC. There will be all vinyl DJ sets from record collectors who were featured in Dust & Grooves and a live performance by an amazing band (which has to remain secret because of another show later that night), plus an introduction to the Kickstarter campaign in the form of a short film. The campaign will help raise funds for our Fall Dust & Grooves Road Trip as well as the upcoming book.

This event should not be missed if you are in the tri-state area. I will be rocking an early, all 45 set with the illustrious Supreme La Rock, and the live band will perform and Mr. Vacation will spin a set after the film is shown. Not only do you get all of this entertainment, but you get a chance to check out the prints that make Dust & Grooves what it is: the only vinyl record photo project of its kind.

Here are some more details about the event:

Dust & Grooves: A Photo Exhibition About Vinyl Record Collectors

Friday July 6th, 2012 | 7PM
Tropicalia In Furs
304 E 5th St. New York, NY

Facebook Invite

Get more info at Dust & Grooves

Feel free to share the flyer as well as the facebook invite through any of your channels. A proper press kit is available as well, send a message to dustandgrooves@gmail.com to get it.

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