Electric Cowbell x Mucca Pazza

What do you get when you cross a marching band, some of today’s hottest remixers, and label owners and throw them on a 7″? You get Electric Cowbell Records x Mucca Pazza, a BK to Chi-town specially blended 45 remixed via NYC and the UK. Over the past few years, Electric Cowbell’s Jim Thompson has been releasing some of the most eclectic and coolest 7″ and full length records. Never slowing down, and adding a cherry on top with this release, Mucca Pazza, a 30 piece marching band out of Chicago, IL gets reworked by some heavy hitters. Taken from their latest release Safety Fifth, also on Electric Cowbell, this double sider looks to be an interesting addition to your little box that carries the small records with the large hole.

“Tube Sock Tango” gets its flavor given the real deal tango feel by Greenwood Rhythm Coalition (NYC Trust). Their lo-fi keyboards and tropicalia inspired rhythms plus a total deconstruction of the brass makes for a fun, chilled out ride. “Boss Taurus” gets re-edited for your pleasure by DJ Jon Kennedy (Tru Thoughts Recordings, UK-based Grand Central Records and U.S. based Organik Recordings). There were over 20 separate brass tracks and Kennedy manages to add a big ol’ break and still make this a downtempo winner. Let’s not forget the amazing cover art by Kathleen Judge.

Available through Electric Cowbell Records on 45 RPM vinyl August 21st. Listen to both songs below:

Tube Sock Tango Remix

Boss Taurus Remix

Stream more songs here.

Keep Diggin’!

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