GZA Liquid Swords Chess Box Set

The first time I heard the GZA’s Liquid Swords I was______________________. Fill in that blank, as it was one the best Wu solo joint to be released, and I know you have that memory! I played these 12″s out on my Hip Hop night (and still do) because they can stand the test of time. This entire record does, and the proof is in this unique box set. Chock full of Shogun Assassin dialogue and RZA beats, the GZA too us into his world and it would never be the same. Sourced from the original tapes, this masterpiece is digitally restored and given the deluxe treatment from the Get On Down Master Series.

This deluxe reissue contains:

* 2-CD deluxe reissue includes working mini chess set, 20-page liner notes booklet (with input from GZA), plus never-before-available full album instrumentals *

GZA Liquid Swords “Chess Box” 2-CD set features (Get On Down Masters Series):
– Working chess-set: chess board printed directly onto inner-lining of box, with mini chess pieces included

– Disc One: full original 14-track Liquid Swords album (remastered from original source tapes)

– Disc Two: original Liquid Swords album instrumentals (first time ever released, remastered from original source tapes)

– 20-page in-depth liner notes booklet, written by Chris Faraone, featuring input from GZA and artwork from original Liquid Swords album and promotional singles

“ The music was solely [RZA’s] vision. I see him as an equal partner in this endeavor. RZA was sitting on a goldmine of music that was just waiting for lyrics. ”- GZA

If you are a Wu disciple or just a fan of this great record, you can pick it up (on vinyl as well) now. This thing is worth it for the artwork and instrumental bonus songs alone. If you get an extra one, send it to @ElliotWilson, his got lost in the mail!

**For more information on GZA’s Liquid Swords “Chess Box” go here.

**Get On Down will announce details and there will also be a special, very limited edition silk-screened 24” x 24” black and white print (by ANTI design) available only for those purchasing CD *and* LP editions on the label’s soon-to-be-relaunched website.

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