Mad Professor Remixes Marvin Gaye Live

Last year the sound board tracks of a lot of Motown artists were floating around. I remember Paul Nice put a bunch of remixes up, and one of the remixes was of this very song. It really doesn’t surprise me, that one Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser aka Mad Professor grabbed up these separate tracks and did an impromptu remix live on the radio. It’s an interesting perspective to this classic Marvin Gaye done as only Mad Professor could interpret it. The man has mixed the likes of everyone from classic Reggae icons Lee Perry and Pato Banto to Sade, Massive Attack, The Orb, Perry Farrell, and allegedly a long lost dub instrumentals EP from the Beastie Boys. Apparently the B Boys got in touch with the Professor and did a session with Mario C. sometime in between Ill Communication and Hello Nasty. (This is not confirmed but has been going around Beastie circles for quite a while. If you know about this, get at me.) It is only fitting that he puts his Midas Dub touch on Marvin Gaye.

“ I think it goes to show how strong the samples were, as a musical nature. It’s magic. ”- Mad Professor on remixing Marvin Gaye

Mad Professor adds a fat back beat but pulls out a ton of his signature moves without breaking a sweat remixing this live on the air. Track isolation with plenty of echo rework Marvin and no single track goes unused. This is truly the workings of a master. If you’re not familiar with his work, the man is a genius, and I’d highly recommend his large body of work. Marvin would have been proud.

Keep Diggin’!

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