Last Shop Standing

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot or spent time in a record store knows the importance of them. Before vinyl records became widely available to the mass population through department stores, mail order and the like, there used to be only one place for you to buy music, period. That was the local record shop. As eight tracks, cassettes, compact discs and eventually digital download technology was invented the demand for vinyl started to decline. This unique meeting place for musicians, music nerds, collectors, and audiophiles started to disappear. Based on the book by Graham Jones, the documentary Last Shop Standing explores many theories of the disappearance of record shops, including one that asks if major record labels sabotaged vinyl on purpose (by producing inferior, defective records in the 80’s). Talking with record store owners, musicians, record enthusiasts and industry insiders,this film gives an up close look at vinyl record shops through the perspective of their owners and their customers.

“They became meeting places, almost like a community center really. ”- Paul Weller

Told through lifetimes of experience, these colorful stories tell of the impact vinyl record stores have had and continue to have on so many people who collect vinyl. Musicians like Paul Weller, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg and others talk candidly about their relationships and love for records and record shops and what the influence these shops have had on their lives. Anyone who is a record collector or frequenter of their local record shop can relate to this documentary. It is a fact that the local record shop brings like minded people and music enthusiasts together, and Last Shop Standing illustrates this and a whole lot more. Unleash your inner record nerd and support this great doc.

Order Last Shop Standing here.

Buy the book the documentary was based on by Graham Jones here.

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