The Get Up – Suga Mama b/w Straight from the Hob

Moving dance floors since 2004, The Get Up are known to drop some heavyweight Funk for the people. London’s breakin’ bread label, home to bands like Killer Meters, Ill Boogs and Para among others is releasing a scorching double sider 7″ from them next week. In the first of a series of 7″s, The Get Up get right into your face with a hard hitting, Sister Funk side and their signature heavy Hammond sound on the flip. For the past eight years or so this band has been putting out no nonsense, upbeat, dance floor filling Hammond Funk. With this release, they add the vocal stylings of Sabrina Challenger. Challenger is the “Suga Mama”. She not only adds some depth to an already good instrumental, she brings out another side of the band who is quite versatile with or without a singer. Bonus points for the riff of Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers “Searching for Soul” on the Mutt label. These guys know their dusty Funk 45s and pay a fitting tribute to that.

“Straight From the Hob” starts out with another very familiar guitar riff and breaks the sound barrier from the get go. A live, one take straight to tape recording (this band has been together long enough to know what sounds good to each other) and you better have your dancing shoes on me Old China. This experienced group of musicians has worked with members of The James Taylor Quartet, The Brand New Heavies (Linda Muriel), Sir Joe Quarterman, Gizelle Smith, Paprika Soul, Paolo Negri and Gene Drayton Unit, so you know they are experienced in living the Funk. Plenty of Hammond, percussion, and horns will have you trying to keep up with that drum beat. If you like your organ in the variety of Hammond, this choon is for you. I almost thought they were gonna break into a revved up “Rock Steady” break for a sec before the guitar freak out began. Big drum break in this one kids, drop it and you will have the dance floor begging for more.

Pre-order this record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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