Help Keb Darge Put A Library Together

For most of you, picking up a book, magazine, or newspaper is done on a daily basis without a thought. What if you didn’t have any periodicals to pick up? I go to thrift shops, yard and charity sales and buy interesting books and records (of course) for fun. For fun. However, there are a lot of people in this world who do not have that luxury. There is no money for food, let alone money to buy books, or even a library to read books from. This is where you can help out. Everyone’s favorite DJ and record collector, a legend in multiple musical genres, Keb Darge, is doing something really great. Having relocated to the Phillipines from London with his wife Edith, Keb is trying to build a free library for the children in Padang, Eastern Samar.

“ I’m trying to get a free library together for the locals here. They dream of reading books, but can’t afford any. So, if you have any old books of any kind, for children or adults, would you send them to the address below? I know the postage will cost a wee bit, but you’ll make a lot of people in the jungle very happy. ”- Keb Darge

For anyone who has met or spent time with Keb, you know he is a generous person, full of humor, with lots of pride in his surroundings. I remember speaking with Keb after the riots in Tottenham some years ago in London. He spoke of leading a neighborhood coalition to stop looters and giving protection to his neighborhood. Whether its’s helping people through the healing power of music and dance, helping out his neighborhood, or helping out kids in need, the guy is a humanitarian. Even if you aren’t aware of Keb’s musical accomplishments (if you aren’t, please check him out) and you just have an extra book(s) you don’t know what to do with lying around, sending them out to Keb will be a great help. We here at FMF think that this is an incredible way to give back. These things we take for granted in the United States, even the simple task of reading will help make somebody less fortunate’s day. Thanks to Keb for passing this along.

A little dance from my night at Madame Jo-Jo’s

Please send any books you can to the address below:

Edita Calites Harvey
Brgy Padang
Eastern Samar

Keep Diggin’!

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