More Mogya

I wrote about Larry Achiampong a year ago when he released his Meh Moyga aka Sample of Me Mix. This mix was, according to Larry “a beat tape that focuses on the Ghanian musical genre known as Highlife, in particularly, music produced between the 1960s and the 1980s.” Passed around through producing circles world wide, this reconstructed mix was praised by beat heads and African music lovers alike. Not just for the sample material, but for the the way it was produced. A producer going back to his roots, transforming music of his heritage into a new interpretation for the masses. Making people aware of the music but also preserving the original content and also re-rubbing them for a new audience of African music lovers at the same time.

“ The main reason MORE MOGYA exists is to celebrate and honour the importance of this great archive. ”- Larry Achiampong 2012

Fast forward a year later. Achiampong is back once again, with a sequel to the original mix entitled More Mogya. While the original focused more on High Life music, the sequel (which Larry doesn’t generally do, but felt he had unfinished business to tend to with this particular project), incorporates the use of the Palm-wine guitar infused with other types of instrument recordings. The records sampled to make this mix were lent generously by musician, journalist, author, and musicologist, John Collins who has been involved in the West African music scene since 1969. Collins also runs the BAPMAF (Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation). Their aim is to “preserve, promote and disseminate Ghanaian/African popular and traditional performance & act as facilitator, consultant and resource center for various African arts projects in Ghana and the international community.” Unfortunately in 2011, Ghana’s capital of Accra was subject to devastating floods in 2001, resulting in the loss or damage of over 10% of the organizations record collection and archives. This mix exists to honor this very archive. In fact, 50% of the proceeds from this mix will go to BAPMAF. If you like it, feel free to throw some duckets his way, it will be going to a good cause.

More on the talented Larry Achiamponng here.

Get the new mix here.

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