Friend & Lover – Reach Out of the Darkness

Lately I have been shifting gears here in the lab. While working I have been listening to a lot of Free Jazz and Psychedelic Folk stuff. It feels good to shift a bit and enjoy some other stuff that’s out there. One of the best mixes that has been on repeat over here at FMF is Cut Chemist and Hymnal’s American Pie: Fall Backwards. It was recorded last year, but it’s a welcome respite from a lot of other music that is out there today. It’s not the usual you’d expect from Cut, but a great mix of the genre all the same. I haven’t felt this good about a Folk/ Psych mix of since the Trapdoor mix that came out of Dis-Joint Records in SF a bunch of years ago. This brings me to a record that I dug up for 49 cents recently. It has been featured on an Ultimate Breaks and Beats comp because of the great drum break in the beginning.

Friend & Lover were the husband and wife team of Jim and Cathy Post (formerly Conn). This folky, bordering on Psych (barely, more like trying to be), Pop duo recorded this protest, Kumbaya, love-in, lovefest, love one another, smile on your brother record for Verve in 1967. It was allegedly recorded in Nashville with future Grammy winner Ray Stevens. While Friend & Lover would only last one album and their marriage only didn’t last much longer, “Reach Out of the Darkness” was picked up as a political song of sorts. It was adopted by religious groups, and eventually found it’s way on to the Pop charts and in later years television and movies. Crate diggers and DJs remember this slick Folk song from the drums you could cut up in the beginning. This may be old hat to people that have been working doubles for years, but to some of you out there it may be new. You never know when you’re going to find a good drum break, so listen to all the records you buy and don’t discount it because it’s on a Jazz label. By the first needle drop you get the drums, but it eventually goes into a Folky sing a long. That’s ok, it’s really not that bad. They had a full length(which I don’t have), so if anyone out there has it, maybe you can tell us if there are more drum breaks throughout. I bought it mostly for the break, but what the hell, people are finally getting together for those very drums. Enjoy.


Download here.

Here’s the Cut Chemist mix that’s been on repeat:

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Friend & Lover – Reach Out of the Darkness

  1. The LP doesn’t have anything much more than that “darkness” track. The JVC Force used it for a track(both the drums and the vocals) called “Sandee” from their Force Field LP. The record does have a few samples that have not been used yet(to my knowledge). Unless you are a producer, the 45 is the way to go for DJ’s.

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