Cold Rock Stuff

Here it is, bam, you say god damn, this is a dope jam. But let’s define the word called dope….and it really means Cold Rock Stuff. Cold Rock stuff aka CRS are Mr. Krum and Mac McRaw aka the “Ko’ Rok Two”. These two are bringing the listener and Hip Hop fan exclusive and limited edition Hip Hop production and artwork which encompasses it all: vinyl, tapes, prints, clothing and much more. Their first output is a 12″ of The Ko’Rock Two feat. Oxygen with “Get It On”. It features artwork by Phill Most Chill and Mr. Krum, plus beats by Mac McRaw, mastering by K-Def, and remixes by Daily Diggers (among others). The legendary names affiliated with this project alone should raise some eyebrows.

Taking you back to the Golden Age of Hip Hop where you rhymed, wrote graff, and lived the life, Cold Rock Stuff is true to the cause. The beats by Mac McRaw are tight, and the influence of cats like Marley Marl and Paul C can be heard through these carefully crafted sound collages. John Everette aka Oxygen is repping NYC lovely, making this UK to NYC collaboration shine even brighter. If you like your beats “hard like 2 day old shit” and your rhymes on point, make sure you buy two copies because you’re gonna need ’em. Real Hip Hop is in the building. Look for more releases and goodies from this crew very soon.

Get It On – The Ko’Rock Two feat. Oxygen

Get your Get It On – The Ko’Rock Two feat. Oxygen 12″ here.

More info on Cold Rock Stuff here.

Check out the Cold Rock Stuff facebook.

Keep Diggin’!

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