FMF presents Home Again: A Live Mix

Starting next Friday I will start my residency to close out the year at the Ace Hotel in NYC. I’ve been doing this gig throughout the last few years, sometimes a month or several months at a time. It is easily one of my favorite gigs to do. The vibe of the place is great, the staff is second to none, and the crowd is completely different every week. The Ace gives me a chance to just be me, they are not standing over your shoulder to play the latest Pop nonsense and they most certainly encourage you to dig deep, which I always do. I put together a quick, one take, live mix yesterday in the lab to kick off my night.

Home Again is a mix of stuff you most definitely would hear when I’m spinning at the Ace. This edition of the live mix features former SV but now solo artist Elzhi covering Nas (his way), a joint from DJ Nu-Mark’s Broken Sunlight Series, a serious remix by Jim Sharp of William Bell which was sampled by Dialted Peoples, a Mario Caldato Jr. inspired track (which definitely inspired the Beastie Boys on Check Your Head) by Horace Silver, King Tee’s St. Ides commercial, Renaldo Domino’s funky digger’s side, a few classics from Bob James and James Brown, a scorcher of an instrumental from Lee “Scratch” Perry, some new B Boy Funk straight out of Strong Island by Freqnik & DRE, a band that I played out in my college years on the radio at WLFR, YSS aka Y’All So Stupid, and a few other goodies to keep your head moving and your attitude positive. Thanks again for listening and for your constant support here at Flea Market Funk. See you at the Ace Fridays in December.

Home Again: A Live Mix Track Listing

Renaldo Domino – Let Me Come Within
Elzhi – It Ain’t Hard To Tell
Ghostface Killa – Might Healthy (Instrumental)
DJ Nu-Mark feat. Tyron & Ayomari – Feel That Way About
William Bell – Forgot To Be Your Lover (Jim Sharp Edit)
Dialated Peoples – Worse Comes To Worse
Y’All So Stupid – Van Full of Pakistanis
King Tee – St. Ides
Horace Silver – Acid, Pot, or Pills
PUTS – Acid Rain (Instrumental)
Lee Perry – Jungle Lion (Instrumental)
Madvillain – America’s Most Blunted
Bob James – Nautilus
James Brown – Hot Pants
Manzel – Midnight Theme
Freqnik & Dre – Favela B Boy Funk
The Silhouettes – Fonky First
Lee Arab – Now

Get Home Again: A Live Mix from my mixcloud page.

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