Record + Art + Rack

We all display our vinyl. I have been looking for a decent vinyl frame since those great IKEA frames of the 90’s. Do you remember them? They held the LP cover and had a 4 inch bordered mat behind it. It looked great, but the thin glass always broke and the plastic molded backing was flimsy. Still, as I type this my copy of United Dread Volume 1 is still hanging tough in the thing. Fast forward to 2013. Enter RAR, or Record Art Rack. The idea behind RAR is that you can put your favorite record in the frame and still be able to play it. The problem with regular frames was that you either had to put the record and cover in the frame or just the cover. Either way, it was inconvenient. RAR let’s you easily display your LP and play it when ever you want with the swipe of one hand. Made of high quality wood and equally a personalized piece of art (after you put your LP in it) as it is a rack, RAR is a very unique product by Portland, OR idealist Todd Phillips. Vinyl record nerds just breathed a sigh of relief. He’s got a Kickstarter campaign going on to help get this unique idea into the hands of vinyl heads everywhere. Check it out.

Read more about RAR on Kickstarter.

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