Soul Spectrum Records Volume One

For those of you in the vinyl record community, the names Jazzman and Euan Fryer are associated with some of the rarest music on 45 in the world. For those of you not in the know, record label mogul, DJ, and all around preservationist of the rare and coveted Jazzman Gerald has been discovering and putting out hard to find records so you don’t have to. Euan Fryer has been doing a lot of the same. The two have teamed together to release Soul Spectrum Records Volume One , on the subdivision of the Jazzman label. This compilation highlights Dancefloor Soul, Rare Boogie, and Soulful Disco. Fryer says of the project:

“I have let good rather than rare music be the narrative on this LP. There are some records here that are relatively affordable, I encourage you to go out and find them on original 45s then play them. Records should be heard, not archived, keep the wonderful culture of playing 45s and 12s Alive.”

Good luck finding any of these originals cheap, but if you do not have access to 45s or 12s that cost sometimes in the neighborhood of $8000, I’m sure this reissue will do you just fine. With artists such as Barbara St. Clair, Raw Soul Express, Florescent Smog, Zebra, Barbara Lynn, Little Beaver, Nate Cahoon, as well as sought after modern Funk by Kings Go Forth and others included in this first volume, it looks to be a belter. Have a preview of the record below:

The record will be out on February 18, 2013 on Soul Spectrum Records.

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2 responses to “Soul Spectrum Records Volume One

  1. SHOUT OUT!!!!! To Jazzman Gerald, from Emil Carter Mickey and The Soul Generation. Wishing you the best on this Project Mate and Thanks for your support in the past.

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