Polyrhythmics – Bobo b/w Moon Cabbage


According their biography, Polyrhtyhmics are “A glimpse into what would have happened if the Mothership had crash-landed in Nigeria in 1977”. I think that’s a pretty accurate description of the Seattle, WA based band. Their blending of proper Afro Funk and traditional Funk has earned them their signature sound. Previous efforts on Kept and Electric Cowbell Records have flew off of the shelves, leaving unlucky 45 fiends out in the cold if they didn’t act fast. Their latest effort is just as good, and looks to be another scorcher.

“Bobo” has this bounce quality that you’re sure to enjoy. The horn intro goes right into some heavily African influenced sounds, and by the time the bass line kicks in your ears are hearing these sounds but your mind sees Fela Kuti and George Clinton strutting across the stage together. They’re holding hands, trading licks, dance moves, and the crowd goes wild. Meanwhile as the record spins, you have this cavalcade of horns, guitars, bass, and drums that just feel right. Polyrhthmics encourage you to get up wherever you are: in your desk chair, on the bus, at your job…and just move. That’s the least you can do.

“Moon Cabbage” slows the groove down a bit, and lets you take the Afro Space Funk groove as high as you want to. Soundtrack quality? Yes. If I make a movie or promo for FMF, this is my track. As bugged out as it is groovy, these guys stick to that African connection like Djemba Ba to Senegal. This is that trippy track blasting at 3am before last call, taking you out on a high note, and setting the mood for the rest of your adventure.

Another double A-Sider from Polyrythmics, there is no way either one can be the B-Side. If you like Funk music, especially African influenced Funk music, Kept Records has done it nicely once again. Pressed in short quantities this 7″ is bound to sell out quickly, so get it while you can.

Listen to “Bobo”

Listen to “Moon Cabbage”

Get the 45 from Kept Record here.

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