Tall Black Guy (feat. Ozay Moore) – Mon Amie De’Troit


For those of you not familiar with the genius of the D’s Tall Black Guy, here’s a chance for you to check out the first single off of his debut full length record 8 Miles To Moenart soon to be released on First Word. Featuring a soulful beat from TBG (a nod to the music coming out of Detroit) and the vocals of Ozay Moore (formerly known as Othello from the Hip Hop crew Lightheaded), this song is a piece of the bigger puzzle: a full album dedicated to City of Detroit. With its storied history in culture, revolution, and of course music, Detroit is an important city and TBG gives you his perspective of his hometown. This forthcoming project out on April 22nd not only pays homage, but paints an aural picture of Detroit, MI. as a producer, TBG has consistently been releasing bangers just under the radar, and this debut is highly anticipated by DJs and beat heads alike. Get ready world, here comes Tall Black Guy.

This track will be available on limited edition vinyl and digital download.

Pre order here.

More info on TBG here.

Check out the First Word website.

Keep Diggin’!

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