De La Soul feat. The Spirit of Wu – Get Away


As Ice Cube said: “Today was a good day.” You know why? There is a new De La Soul single. That’s right, in fact, they will be releasing a new single each month via YouTube and social media. How dope is that? In this writer’s opinion, they never went away, but this is the first new material we have heard from the Long Island trio in a minute. Drawing some inspiration from RZA and the Wu, De La is back with “Get Away”. Still innovating and breaking ground, this single shifts gears with an atmospheric mid 90’s Robert Diggs banger while they school these new jacks about what the real deal is in the game: “You pay no dues you earn no pension/ Learn the rules /You can either be the pimp or the pimped out crews”. Bringing you the truth in the purest form, they are not shy to tell it like it is.

“Everything is redundant. Everything sounds the same. No real lyrical content. Everybody’s just doing business, not really creating.”- Maseo, De La Soul

So influenced by this particular RZA beat they added The Spirit of Wu in the title, as a nod to the heavyweight sound they are known for. They did a great job flipping the Michael Lai sample to keep in with the same eerie sound. Call it an homage, a dedication, a nod, a soul clap, a pound, a hug, or what have you, there is one thing clear: De La Soul has not lost a step in this Hip Hop game and even in an homage, this single is better than 95% of the ‘rappin’ bullshit’ out there. So all you wanna be emcees and groups, take some advice from these legends: Get away from here.

Listen here.

Keep Diggin’!

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