For Brooklyn’s The Thing: Every Day is Record Store Day


On Record Store Day, I thought I’d share a small documentary from the good people over at MyBlockNYC, who recently went to an infamous digging spot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s called The Thing and it’s filled with records, “Graveyard Style” aka shit is in no order and all over the place bring your digging mask, gloves, portable and I hope you have a whole day to sit and dig through unwanted records. It’s been here for 10 years and serves the needs for many DJs, artists and producers. All the 12″s and LPs are $2, 45s are 2 for $1. No haggling, if you buy a lot, you may or may not get a discount. The owner Alex is providing a great service to the city of New York’s digging and vinyl record community with The Thing. He talks of finding a Beatles butcher cover (no record) and just giving it away to the guy and his take on running this very unique record store. What record guy do you know would do that? Truth be told I passed up on a mangled, crayon writing filled butcher record a few month ago, so finders keepers Brooklynites. This is a record store that I think Grand Marshal of RSD Jack White would approve. Even though he’s not participating in RSD, I thought this store was so unique I had to share it. As unofficial vinyl collecting spokseman Questlove put it last week: “Every day is record store day”. Good luck out there today people, whether you’re waiting in line for those special releases, or bringing out the digging kit and keeping it a usual Saturday of digging, keep these stores in business. The independent record store needs all the help they can get.

Check out the video via MyBlockNYC here.

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “For Brooklyn’s The Thing: Every Day is Record Store Day

  1. …amen to “every day is record store day”…. get more folk who tell me how to run my shop turning up in the build up to RSD than at any other time of the year!…. collectable one offs do not pay the bills like regular custom….
    …love your posts man, keep ’em coming…

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