Chorizo Funk & Chicken George RSD Mix


By now you all know how I feel about Record Store Day, so I’m not gonna beat a dead horse. I believe that every day is record store day, but this new annual event can not be denied. In fact, besides the exclusive vinyl that comes out of it, there are a lot of cool events, and mixes that have been sprouting up. This year DJ Chorizo Funk and DJ Chicken George hollered at Flea Market Funk with an all vinyl mix they made especially for the occasion. Now I’ll take a decent mix any day, and the fact that it coincided with RSD is just how it goes. Both of these DJs are top notch DJs and diggers who have been at it for some time. This particular mix has some classic bangers you may know, and some newere tunes you should know about. So here’s some goodness from Texas, and really everything is bigger and better in Texas, including this all vinyl mix. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“Special collaboration with Mr. Jazztronica himself, DJ Chicken George, to celebrate Record Store Day 2013.

I went with all 45’s and CG had a mix of 12 inches and 45’s.

Support Vinyl Culture!”-DJ Chorizo Funk

I couldn’t agree more here at Flea Market Funk. When you buy records from your local record shop all year round, they stay in business. Vinyl may have faded but it never went away. Support your local, independent record shop, and you will get music out of it like this mix.

DJs Chorizo Funk & Chicken George – Record Store Day 2013 Vinyl Mix

DJ Chorizo Funk Mix

1. James Brown – Please Please Please
2. Wendy Rene – After the Laughter
3. The Lovin’ Kind – Afro Soul
4. Tito Ramos – Love
5. Joe Quarterman & Free Souls – The Way They Do My Life
6. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – It’s Your World
7. Antibalas – It’s a Family Affair
8. Nolan – I Like What You Give
9. Bobby Hebb – Sunny
10. Les McCann – Sunny
11. Olympia Brass Band – It Ain’t My Fault
12. Blue Rhythm Combo – Black Water Gold

DJ Chicken George Mix

1. Dee Edwards – I Can Deal With That
2. Willie – Woman (Bazisbeats Re-edit)
3. The Original Black Sheep – In The Forest (Pt. 2)
4. Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford – Nobody
5. Jimmy Jones – Live and Let Live
6. Thunder & Lightening – Bumpin’ Bus Stop
7. Breakestra – Posed To Be feat. Chali 2NA & DJ Dusk
9. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Fire (Colm K Edit)
9. Funkshone – Purification Pt. 3 (Kenny Dope Remix)
10. Freqnik & WDRE – Favela B-Boy Funk
11. Little Francisco Greaves – Moving Grooving

Check out Chicken George here.

Check out Chorizo Funk here.

Keep Diggin’!

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