Sky Hi – Reality Check EP



Sky Hi Funk Band is based out of Nashville, TN. With an all star cast of musicians and featuring singer De Robert aka Dee Adams and some members of flagship GED Soul Records’ De Robert & the Half Truths, this Southern Funk and Soul Institution is holding down Nashville (and the rest of the Funk and Soul world) just lovely. Blending a combination of R & B, Funk, Soul, Afro Beat and Latin Rhythms, Sky Hi know how to throw a party. Their music is not just about the party, however. After seeing this band you will have opened your mind to different things. With a positive mind set communicated to the listener though their music, Sky Hi want to educate as well as entertain. If you don’t wake up with sore legs and a new appreciation for this kind of music after seeing one of their shows, you’re not listening close enough.

Their new four cut EP, Reality Check is available today, May 7th. “Reality Check” the single, is a chance for you to hear singer Dee Adams flex his vocal chops over some hard hitting drums and a nasty little horn section while “Numero Uno” has him channeling his inner Bobby Womack with some funky Soul that has keyboard player Josh Cochran soloing while the rest of the crew make you clap and nod your head as you come correct with no doubt. “Funk Til’ Dawn” is an instrumental jam that goes way past the morning light. Think Kool & the Gang plus heavy drums and some Soul Jazz thrown in for good measure. You will pick the needle up again and again on this one. The last track “Plan B”, takes us out soulfully and satisfied. Ski Hi are a new crop of band, similar to all star casts like The Expressions, who are expressing themselves through the sounds of the past. Guess what? It works. There is a place for music like this due to the overabundance of the same stuff you hear everyday. So open up your mind and ears and check out Sky Hi, you’ll be glad you did. Some Southern Funk and Soul never hurt anyone, in fact, it always makes your day better.

Get the EP here.

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