Diggin’ In The Dirt 05.17.13

Hey man, have you tried the wood glue method of cleaning records?-BH Dublin, Ireland

I have tried many cleaning methods. An old record store owner used to clean his stock with a mixture of Windex and water (more water than Windex). He would then use a soft toothbrush and deep clean the grooves of the record on a spinning turntable platter (spun by hand). After he did that would take a soft cloth and dry the record off while it was spinning (still by hand). I used this method for a long time. I’m not saying it’s the best method, or even the right method. It was taught to me and worked for me. My records didn’t get ruined and I was happy. However, as of late I use the Spin Clean record machine and it works really great. I’d definitely recommend it to someone that is on a budget and wants to still be able to buy records to clean.

Now for your original question. I have not tried the wood glue method. There is a lot of chatter on the web about this method. I have to honest, I’m not brave enough nor do I have the patience to do this method. There are a few records I could think of that I’d want to do it to (My Oneness of JuJu record, but not in a million years), but I’d rather just save up for a VPI machine and do everything in that. From the videos and photos I have seen, it looks like the method does a bang up job of getting stuff out of it. However, I don’t have the room to try this. I’d love to see it in action one day. Maybe I’m just a bit cautious, but I think I can wait to get the VPI. For those of you not aware of this method, here’s a few link to show you what we are talking about:

Photos from Audiokarma

Here is a Wood Cleaning video.

Thanks for the questions and keep them coming in.

Keep Diggin’!

DJ Prestige runs the site Flea Market Funk, digs for records, chases his kids around, and preserves the music and artists of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and Hip Hop one record at a time.

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