Quel & Maker – Beautiful Raw Megamix


File this one as something that went under the radar of FMF. Quel & Maker are a seasoned duo of Hip Hop emcee and producer/ DJ. Fresh off the heels of their successful Kickstarter campaign for Beautful Raw the two have dropped a snippet of the full album mixed by DJ Bizkid. Let’s get right down to the meat of it, shall we? The beats are tough and Quel’s rhymes are miles ahead of any of these guys putting out weak sauce raps these days. These are guys that grind. These are guys that are successful at what they do. You may not be familiar, but they make it happen. Maker’s beats and production has seen the light on television and movies, while Qwel’s CV of distinguished outputs (Typical Cats, you know you love them) has kept the Chicago emcee busy all year round. The 4th release from this duo features guest spitting by The Grouch (Living Legends), Qwazaar from Typical Cats, Swamburger (Soliloquists Of Sound), Wes Restless, Scud One, D-Styles & more. Some veteran underground heavy hitters right there add to the flavor of this already spicy release.

“They said it couldnt be done, this one’s for provin’ ‘em wrong, seems only suitable it’s beautiful raw. Planted the seed beneath the street but it was rooted too strong, grew to the sun and called it beautiful raw.

These two are a great combination, and if you like this snippet, drop by their site and pick up the full length why don’t you. A huge shout out to Daniel who put me on to this new record (available on Galapagos4 now), and who supplied the original sample record for the track “Lake Effect” that Maker flipped for the record. My vote for one of the creepiest album covers of all time.

Beautiful Raw definitely rises at the crest of the wave in a sea of polluted, unoriginal releases. Get on that wave and ride it as long as you can.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!


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