Diggin’ In The Dirt 05.24.13

How should I adjust my price expectations when shopping for vinyl in Europe? In the US, I tend to have no problem finding jazz, funk, and soul LPs for less than $10 each, but that seems to be the starting price for just about anything I’ve come across in Spain, Holland, England, and Germany. I’m digging and listening purely for my own enjoyment, so I tend to go for the cheaper stuff unless I find a convenient reissue or an obvious keeper.

I’ll have an opportunity later this year to revisit London and Barcelona, and I’m looking for advice on how to dig effectively in those cities, or in Europe in general.” -FS, Portland, OR

This week’s question is fielded by the guy who started it all, a huge influence on me starting Flea Market Funk, and a good friend of mine, Mr. Larry Grogan of Funky 16 Corners. Larry started the webzine way before the internet was a chock full of sites to choose from that highlight Funk and Soul. He was talking about 45s on the regular before it became hip, and has an extensive knowledge of not just Funk and Soul, but music in general. His also cool Iron Leg blog features some cool records as well. Here are some words of wisdom from Larry.

“Well…the first thing I’d do is check exchange rates to see how the USD is holding up against Euro currencies. If the dollar is bad shape, you might want to hold off for a while.

On the other hand, if that checks out, keep an eye out not only for UK/Euro funk and soul (there’s plenty of it) but also foreign pressing of US stuff as well. There are a number of surprising European editions of US funk and soul, including some things you might consider obscurities, that were pressed in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany (many with cool picture sleeves). You may also have some luck tracking down UK/Euro library titles, soundtracks etc.
Either way, do some research before you go, dig with an open mind (always the best) and ask around when you get there.”

Thanks for contributing Larry, and we hope this answers your question FS!

Keep Diggin’!

Larry Grogan mans the long running Funky16Corners.com website and continues to preserve the myriad of Funk, Soul, R & B, and anything else that has a good beat on a daily basis. He also DJs and curates the Funky 16 Corners radio show.

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  1. Two more tips for you. 1. Brace yourself. Prices are much higher. Most dealers still go to the states for stock, then add a decent margin. 2. If you find the prices too steep, buy Beatles stuff. It sells for loads more back in the US and you can use the profits to bag the stuff that you thought too expensive previously.

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