The Stuyvesants – Refined


Just in time for the Summer block parties, stoop sales, roof top jams and outdoor activities, Brooklyn’s own The Stuyvesants return with your anthem for the warmer months. Refined is a twenty five track mix chock full of original beats constructed from Deep Funk and Soul samples. Like their previous efforts The Finer Things Vol. 1 and 2 and Stoops, Parks and Rooftops, this BK duo continue to keep your head nodding wherever you are. Call this the soundtrack to the Summer 2013, because you will be playing this like crazy with no apologies. Smooth like the drinks flowing at the Sycamore on a Friday night and tasty like the Hibiscus doughnuts from Dough, this is mix going right into the portable to pump through the headphones. Each track has its own record cover taken from 70’s Black advertisements, which is a great touch if you’re sitting at your computer listening. While it doesn’t help through your headphones, they add to the overall mood that sticks with you when you listen again….and again…and again. Summer is officially here, and make it a refined one with The Stuyvesants. Step up your Summer music game, you don’t have to listen to Jay Z another Summer in the row. Open your ears, Brooklyn is still in the house.

Download The Stuyvesants Refined here.

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