JJ DOOM x ESPO: The Making of Bookhead


JJ DOOM and the great Steve “ESPO” Powers join forces in the behind the scenes look for the video for “Bookhead”. For those of you not in the know, Stephen Powers aka ESPO has been a favorite here at Flea Market Funk. If there was ever one guy that I would want to collabo with on a tee/print/design for the site it is him. Clean typography (hand drawn) and just a total creative force in graffiti and the art world. The latest version of MF DOOM (now shall we say Mirror Face DOOM?) with his JJ DOOM project (MF DOOM & Jneiro Jarel) has the old graff heads DOOM and ESPO reunited while making the video “Bookhead” from the Lex Records Key To The Kuffs LP (which ESPO did the cover for). From bodega to book shop, this video reveals a new, original mask designed by Powers exclusively for DOOM with a likeness of a security mirror. It’s directed by ESPO, so you know there are going to be some surprises. There are also some cool shots of ESPO’s work here in NYC, which is always a plus. Whatever DOOM does, it’s just good, so add ESPO into the mix and you’ve got damn near perfection. Another chapter in the DOOM legacy goes on.

ESPO x JJ DOOM “The Making of Bookhead”

Check out more ESPO work here.

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