Big Ups with Franck from Heavenly Sweetness


This week we travel to Paris, France to talk with Franck Descollonges from the excellent record label Heavenly Sweetness. Heavenly Sweetness is music label specializing in not just Jazz, but all genres that are soulful, and would, in their own words put out new and original music. Their newer releases are “music to reflect the multicultural melting-pot that was so dear to Don Cherry’s heart”. That is deep, and so are their releases. The stable of artists includes Blundetto, Guts, Doug Hammond, Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band, and others. They have also put out some compilations that are really hot such as Digging the Blogosphere and Freedom Jazz . So get up, get into it, and get involved with the diversity of label owner, DJ, and all around music lover Franck. Vive la musique!


Check out the Heavenly Sweetness label here.

Follow Heavenly Sweetness on twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

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