RBMA Presents: Egon’s Jingle Funk


By now everyone is tired to death of the recent explosion of attention to 45s, but as always, there are dudes who just aren’t affiliated with all 45s because they’re cool. They’ve been doing it since the beginning. They’ve just collected records that happened to be on 45, or just exclusively released on 7″, and played them no matter what. One of those guys is Egon from Now Again records. He’s lived through all of the 45 phases, and has always been on the cusp of what is good. Whether it’s Indian Psych, Turkish Funk, Iranian beats and beyond, the man who is synonymous with good music is always putting everyone on to the next best thing. Not a fly by night next best thing, but solid music that has been rediscovered and appreciated by newer generations of vinyl lovers. Today, the Red Bull Music Academy released a nice little piece written by Egon on called” Funk Archaeology: Jingle Funk. These are corporate funded records that were Psych or Funky as hell and affiliated with consumer goods. Of course Cut Chemist & Shadow brought some of these records to the forefront in their all 7″ mixes and shows way back when, but Egon has gone deeper to bring a few gems out while giving a bit of a back story of each. Records like “Funk Buggy” by The Poets, Klaus Doldinger’s “Sitar Beat”, and a record I play out a lot, The Skorpyons “Think” among others are highlighted. There is a reason people go right to Egon when it comes to records. He is all over so many different genres, it’s hard to keep up. Fortunately for us, RBMA can, and that’s why we have this piece. You may know some or all of these records, but the back stories are worth the price of the free admission. Music is so much more than just the music. It’s a story, a life’s work, a band’s rise or fall, or in this case a corporation’s willingness to get some Funk, Psych, or both into some of their jingles. Well played Egon, well played.

Read the article in full here.

Here’s a few Jingle Funk tracks Egon picked out:

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “RBMA Presents: Egon’s Jingle Funk

  1. Cites for the recent explosion of attention to 45s? Every recent trip to the record store counsels otherwise. 90+% of the customers are completely focused on LPs. I know there has been more interest than usual, but an explosion?

  2. IMHO I think there is an explosion of 45s. Between the new, all 45 nights, 45 releases, and a lot of people doing exclusive 45 stuff, I’m gonna stick with that. Just another phase I suppose.

  3. True, within DJ circles, there has definitely been an uptick. I still think that the vast majority of record buyers are focused on LPs. I want more people to collect 45s, just not the specific ones that I want. 🙂

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