Freddie Joachim – Dusting


Shouts out to the homies over at TOR aka The Original Winger for hipping me to this cat. Freddie Joachim (pronounced (JO-AH-KIM) is a West Coast DJ and producer who has worked with Aloe Blacc, Blu, Grap Luva, LMNO, Kev Brown, Joey Bada$$, Carlitta Durand, and more. As an artist, his releases have been given love here in the States as well as Japan. He has also produced music for television, movies, and major brands. Dude is real deal. Four records deep, a few EPs and many collaborations, Joachim has released the third part of the series: Dust, Dusted, and now the final chapter Dusting. The last chapter, ironically, is the first I have heard of him, and it’s really great. This 5 song ep starts out with a banger of a track, “Talking To You”, which features the Lyn Collins vocal sample over some hard ass drums. “That Girl” flips some Soul and has a Pharcyde Labcabin vibe, a head nodder for sure. “Call Out My Name” utilizes “You’ve Got A Friend” lovely while he adds his own flavor of drums and percussion in the background. “Lion’s Den” flips The Temprees “You Make The Sunshine” into a “Jesus Walks” cadence, but in a better way. Not sure if it’s a nod to Yeezy, but whatever it is, it’s hot. The EP ends with “Heartaches”, and a damn fine sample of The Supremes. This guy not only knows his Soul, but can work these samples like a boss. I love finding some new, undiscovered music to share on a Wednesday.

Check out more of his music on his Soundcloud page.

Freddie Joachim website.

Follow him on twitter.

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