Myron & E – Do It Do It Disco

Flea Market Funk favorites and Modern Soul heavyweights Myron & E are back once again with a video for their song “Do It Do It Disco”. Filmed by Mochilla veteran Eric Coleman at The Skate Depot in Cerritos, CA, it features the duo and real live skaters doing their thing. Some of these skate enthusiasts have been doing it since the early 70’s. Filmed aptly at the Depot’s Old School night (Funk/Disco/Hip Hop/ Roller Skating Jams), Myron & E fit right in as they lead the charge with one off of their Stones Throw debut Broadway. From custom rollerskating shoes (check out the Timberlands and Jordan jammies) to headbands, tandems, and a lot of dancing, this one is for all you who like to put on the skates and get down. A feel good song that sounds good all year round, “Do It Do It Disco” should immediately go in rotation, it’s that good. Summer’s not over and it’s not to late to have another anthem. Play this back to back next to De La’s “Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays” and Slum Villages “Disco”, but then leave Myron & E on all night long.

Get the full length from Stones Throw.

Check out Mochilla here.

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