Happy 40th Birthday Hip Hop


The above flyer is probably the most important flyer in the history of Hip Hop. It signified the birth of the genre by none other than the DJ Kool Herc at the recreation center at Sedgwick and Cedar in the Bronx. If you are not familiar with this address, then I’ll break it to you: this is where Hip Hop was born. This Back To School jam is largely credited as the the place where it all started. Of course at the same time legends like Grandmaster Flash, Africa Bambaataa, and others were also spearheading the movement as well that would go on to be the biggest genre in the history of music. This small NYC group of musicians and DJs built the foundation of Hip Hop. Not only did they not even know how big it would eventually become, but their creative visions helped shape the art of DJing, BBoying, Graffiti, and Emceeing as well. Today, all art forms are not only recognized world wide as entertainment, but the core group of founders have been immortalized forever by Hip Hop lovers all over the world. While the Hip Hop produced today may be a far cry from the original music being made, one can’t deny how important these root artists were to the furthering of the culture.


This weekend, the good people over at The Digger’s Union Local 1200 paid tribute this milestone this weekend by offering a variety of early influential tracks and the original tracks that were sampled by these artists. DJ Unexpected goes in deep and illustrates what the movement was and what came out of it. It’s full of breaks, drums, and original samples from Jmaes Brown, The Emotions, Gaz, Otis Redding, Funk Incorporated and more. Now if you listen closely, you’ll hear talk of a special Breaks show in the works. They didn’t say who, butif you can put the ultimate thought together, you’ll know exactly what the beat master is. A special show for a special event. Hevehitta and Unexpected carry on the tradition and life of Hip Hop culture every week with their Enjoy and Be Educated show on BBOX Radio in DUMBO Brooklyn.

Track List:

01. Syl Johnson – “Different Strokes”
02. Bobby Byrd – “I Know You Got Soul”
03. Gaz – “Sing Sing”
04. Isaac Hayes – “Breakthrough”
05. Tom Jones – “Looking Out My Window”
06. The Dynamic Corvettes – “Funky Music is the Thing (Remix)”
07. James Brown – “Funky Drummer”
08. The Mohawks – “The Champ”
09. The Chicago Gangsters – “Gangster Boogie”
10. The T-Connection – Groove to Get Down”
11. James Brown – “Funky President”
12. Jackson 5 – “It’s Great to Be Here”
13. Brothers Johnson – “Ain’t We Funkin’ Now”
14. Orange Krush – “Action”
15. Funk Incorporated – “Cool is Back”
16. The Honey Drippers – “Impeach the President”
17. The Headhunters – “God Made Me Funky”
18. The Emotions – “Blind Alley”
19. Otis Redding – “Hard to Handle”
20. Tom Scott and The L.A. Express – “Sneakin’ in the Back”
21. MC Shan – “Living in the World of Hip-Hop”
22. Eric B & Rakim – “Eric B is President”
23. EPMD – “So Whatcha Sayin'”
24. Biz Markie – “Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz”
25. Harmony – “No Joke”
26. MC Nikke & DJ Rap N Scratch – “Rap N Scratch Goes Rambo”
27. Latee – “This Cut’s Got Flavor”
28. Cool C – “Juice Crew Dis”
29. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – “Live from Union Square”
30. Just-Ice – “Going Way Back” feat. KRS-One
31. Mikey D and The LA Posse – “Bust A Rhyme Mike”
32. Common – “I Used to Love H.E.R.”
33. A Tribe Called Quest – “Buggin’ Out”
34. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “T.R.O.Y.”
35. Gangstarr – “Mass Appeal”
36. Q-Tip – “Move”

See the link from their Podomatic page here.

Keep Diggin’!

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